• Special prices for all 2016
    with shuttle service
    € 75,00 for two passengers!

    But not all!

    This rate can be further discounted up to 30%, immediately or in the future by email, simply choosing the shuttle service.

  • We are authorized to arrive directly under your cruise ship!

    With us no effort to carry luggage and find our driver.

    Attention to the services offered by those who are forced to stop at the entrance of the harbor or out of the airport, not having the necessary permissions.

  • Automatic discount for every reservation shared with shuttle service!

    Immediately check price of your transfer!

  • All transfers take place in maximum comfort, safety and tranquillity!

    All our services are carried out with vehicles such as sedans and minivans.

  • Rome in a day!
    Great Rome Private Tour for cruise ships of Civitavecchia

    Up 3 PAX € 350,00 - Up 8 PAX € 450,00

    Coliseum, St. Peter’s Church, Roman Forum, Campidoglio, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna

  • Special prices for all 2016,
    with shuttle service
    € 85,00 for three passengers!

    But not all! This rate can be further discounted up to 30%

    immediately or in the future by email, simply choosing the shuttle service.

  • Timely and
    accurate service

    Constantly monitoring your flight or your ship

    We will be the first to know
    of any advances or delays.

  • Sympathy and



1. Best price in the industry
2. Save time, money and fatigue
3. No hidden fees
4. We have the authorization to get under the ship
5. No pay in advance
6. Only luxury cars
7. Immediately quote
... and more , only for Shuttle service
8. Automatic discount for every reservation shared
9. Discount possible even after you have booked
10. Book early and before you can increase the discount. No waiting, click the "Calculate the amount" button and see your estimate instantly
Book now, receive our confirmation email, our serious and precise driver, with a panel indicating your name, will pick you up at the place and at the time you requested. At Civitavecchia Port our driver will wait for you just in front of your cruise ship always your name highlighted.
At Fiumicino and Ciampino airports our driver will be just outside the arrival area. For Hotels, he will wait for you at the exit at the time you requested. See you there!

The reservation could hide a gift for you, an immediate discount or a series of future discounts to which we will inform you by email.

What are you waiting?
Immediately check price of your transfer and book now!
Shared Shuttle guarantees the reservation of your transfer to cheaper market fares, than thanks to an innovative booking system called SHARED OPTION if you manage to share transfer by other customers of our site, you will receive an additional discount of up to 30% of the minimum guaranteed fare. Only with us you pay € 52,50 for transfer for two people from Rome to Civitavecchia. Proceed immediately with your booking and check in real time if you switch from SHARED OPTION going to add your reservations to one or more previous users creating immediately a discount ranging from 20% to 30% of the fare. If otherwise, you were the first book on that day, in that time slot and to those destinations, proceed with the confirmation of service at the cheapest price you can find on other sites and if you then add one or more users, we will notify you by mail, you get discount. In the worst of the possibilities you will pay the lowest fare ever!!! For us to share the Shuttle Luxury also means sharing a discount on booking.
Shared Shuttle offers affordable, on time and safe port/airport shuttle transportation & port/airport private transfer services, 24 hours a day,7 days a week. We provide fast and efficient, Civitavecchia Port, Fiumicino Airport, Ciampino Airport ,Rome City, Rome Termini railway station and Rome Tiburtina railway station. Our door to door share-ride shuttle and private vans provide transportation in each direction.

The service is cheap, kind of door to door and professional.
The shuttle service Civitavecchia is allowed to reach the cruise ship and enables you to quickly reach the desired destination. For this type of service ,only with us, you will share with other passengers, the transport and the rate.

This is the service with the greatest comfort.
We offer all our experience for the transfer
An excellent solution for business trips and leisure travel.
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